Good work needs a good team. re/switch has a team of passionate, long-sighted and inventive members, that works on the development of your solutions.
As an employer we actively encourage continuous training. The courage to take on new endeavors hence is part of our corporate culture.

Fabian Köslin, CEO

In 2011 Fabian started development on what today is flexsignal, to create his own smart home. He successfully added this entrepreneurial spirit to his work as a modeller of industry processes at Modelon before taking on the role as a CEO at Telemann GmbH. From there he pushed the formation of the re/switch GmbH.

Björn Böttcher, CTO

Björn got to know Fabian during his time as a research associate at the Parallel Computing Group of the TUHH. He is an experienced analyst, consultant and developer. With a heart and mind for technology he developed and realized many visions of company strategy, big data and machine learning solutions, and IoT platforms at many DAX corporations and medium sized companies.

Jost Salathé,
Embedded Developer

Jost expedited the development of flexsignal during his time at Telemann GmbH as an intern. From there he became the first employee of the re/switch GmbH. Josts also has a passion for hardware, which is why he also developed the first re/switch circuit board for the Emergency One.

Gerrit Erichsen,
Software Developer

Gerrit got his experience with large data sets, unit commitment optimization and complex structures during his time as a research associate at the Insitute of Energy System of the TUHH, developing an energy system model. He weighs in this experience in the development of flexsignal and its GUI applications.

Annette Bock,

Project Management

Annette supervised the education programm robotik@TUHH targetd at secondary schools as a computer scientist. Target was teaching software development in an age appropriate manner, solving small-scale IT and technology projects. This prepared her to be the ideal link between you and our developers.

Chau Vu,

Software Developer

Chau is our javascript ninja and responsible for the development of our flexsignal configurator, so that you are able to configure it yourself more easily in the near future.

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