Social Distancing
Control customer flows and protect employees

The Corona crisis has got us all on the cold foot. Many companies and even entire industries have been hit hard by the strict restrictions in everyday life. But burying your head in the sand is the wrong tactic. And so anyone who can somehow manage to influence the situation in his or her favour is trying to do so. This is not always easy to achieve, especially in everyday business life. After all, employees are already under greater strain due to the new hygiene regulations. Stressful and demanding activities have become even more complex. And the King Customer is also a little more moody than usual these days. So the question is, how can you welcome customers again or continue to do so and still not put even more strain on your employees?

A possible way out of the situation is to upgrade technically. It is often not easy to implement personnel additions - if only because of the labour market situation before the crisis. But even after the crisis, one must have a perspective for the new colleagues. This is certainly not always the case. Therefore, a technical expansion is one of the more sensible additions to your own company. Design the new situation directly to your advantage. If you already have to invest in order to master the new tasks with technical support, then you should consider how these can still be used sensibly after the crisis to reflect other tasks. Because a generic platform should offer these possibilities accordingly.

In order to provide an overview of the different ways in which technologies can be used in the course of Corona, we have prepared an overview by industry or class of company type. Some technological support options are of course particularly useful in these times for all the types of companies listed. These include the possibility of monitoring customer or patient flows, for example, in order to have only a certain, maximum number of people on the premises at the same time. Just as relevant is the distance control or the recording of contact points between people. However, the latter is not primarily linked to economic interests, but rather to social support in the fight against corona. In addition to these obvious technologies, there is another class of complementary technologies that make it possible to map an overall concept. For example, one can imagine a customer flow control system with access control and an automated announcement by means of text-to-speech, which automatically informs customers about the entry possibilities. The detection of Bluetooth and WiFi signals can also help to track customers in the supermarket directly, for example, so that the appropriate safety distances can be maintained. Alternatively, this could also be done via camera surveillance. Employees could then be informed directly via their radios or customers could be reminded of violations via the announcement system.


But how can we continue to use these technologies in the long term? Especially in scenarios such as the supermarket mentioned above, the installation of hardware components and the extended infrastructure (servers etc.) can continue to be used after the corona times in order to optimize sales figures through customer flow analyses and targeted marketing measures. When using a generic platform, only the configuration is then adapted to the new tasks and can be easily integrated with the corresponding
Combine e-commerce tools. Text-to-speech, image analysis methods, Bluetooth and WiFi tracking or even customer flow analysis are important data that can serve as good indicators for further optimisation of sales processes, waiting time optimisation or even the optimisation of the flow of goods. The combination possibilities with announcement systems and radio systems are just as relevant, as they enable a further level of communication flows. The human being also becomes a part of the process and accordingly works more and more hand in hand with the technical systems around him.


So what should you do?

  • If you have a company that can reopen under certain conditions or continue to provide basic services during a crisis, then you should consider using technical aids to meet requirements for hygiene, protection of customers and employees, etc., so that you can continue to work effectively.

  • Think about tomorrow: When establishing a system for controlled opening of your company, check technical systems for their adaptability for future systems. If these systems are only specifically designed for this one area of application, keep looking for another solution.

  • Combine as many systems as possible to get a holistic view of what is happening.

  • A coupling of radios with the other technical systems and telephony should also be considered in order to be able to alert emergency services quickly in case of an emergency.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to have a look at our platform and be inspired by the possibilities of flexibility.

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