flexsignal enables the use of the platform for Unified Communication scenarios in your company. In doing so, we do not limit ourselves to classic telecommunication solutions in the telephony environment, but enable a manufacturer-independent communication between man and system. From radios of different manufacturers, collaboration platforms to pagers and log files, our platform can let all information and data flow and transform them accordingly, if necessary. Archiving of communication is also an option to record and store your processes according to legal requirements. 



Zebra Workforce Connect (WFC) PTT Pro is a push-to-talk over cellular solution which allows users to communicate over Wi-Fi and cellular networks at the touch of a button. Compatible on both Android and iOS devices, WFC PTT Pro can connect a workforce by removing all physical and geographical barriers between users, allowing them to work efficiently and safely.

PTT Pro’s user interface is designed for workers to achieve total communication flexibility, no matter where they are or where they are going. It allows intuitive and seamless switching between applications thanks to its Google material design, and it is friendly to users of consumer devices, reducing the amount of training required and improving productivity. 

Communicate via Microsoft Teams

or Slack with your colleagues







You also want to talk to your colleagues about 

your collaboration solution?

No problem. Integrate as a Zebra partner  

PTT Pro directly into your

collaboration solution. Whether its Slack or 

Microsoft Teams. We connect people and

machines for optimal processes.




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