re/switch University

Digital change, cost pressure, pandemic and an enormous speed of development in the field of technologies are the drivers of our time. Keeping up with the times is sometimes difficult. In order to keep you safely on the ball and to be able to consume your knowledge directly and well prepared, we have founded the re/switch University to help you keep up.


Inform yourself in our institute "FREE BASICS" about possible applications of modern and flexible platform technologies.


Become a digital champion in our institute "DIGITAL ENTRY". Here we impart knowledge on IoT, digitization, machine learning, cloud, blockchain and many other relevant technology topics. 


If you are a system integrator, platform user or hardcore user, then get even better now and use the Institute's "VIP Insider" program to learn relevant content from professionals and many best practices. 


Take the chance and acquire relevant practical knowledge directly online or in one of our trainings on site.