Who we are

re/switch GmbH is a technology company with focus on IoT connectivity solutions based in cloud native technologies base in Hamburg, Germany. With our products and services we support businesses in their digital transformation by developing and maintaining sustainable infrastructure for machines and people. From smart devices to Industry 4.0 we offer and develop solutions, that make you progress!


With ambition, diligence and mutual trust in their own creativity, Bodo Wascher and his wife start their own business.


Fabian Köslin has a first idea of a modular software concept to solve many radio technology challenges the customers of the Telemann GmbH face.

He starts development.

The side project is adopted to its first customer applications and resonates accordingly.

The customers are happy and demand rises.


The first thought of creating a self-reliant and innovative company around software shines light.

Conversations start and the vision takes form. 

re/switch GmbH is founded as a member of Bodo Wascher Group, taking part in company tradition and profiting of and expanding group experience.

With Björn Böttcher as CTO the realization of an IoT connectivity platform gains momentum.

The future?

Is yet to be told. We have many ideas and together with our partners we will disrupt many industries and accelerate progress. Stay curious and stay in touch.

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