Multi-Plattform Log Processor and Forwarder

flexsignal is usable as a Multi-Platform Log Processor and Forwarder, which allows you to collect data and logs of multiple sources, unify them and send them to multiple targets. This process is compatible with Docker und Kubernetes environments.

flexsignal is written in C/C++, has a scalable architecture, and currently supports around 40 submodules. Hence flexsignal is fast and light weight solution, that offers the required safety for network operation via TLS.



Collect data of already existing technology systems. If we are not speaking the required protocol already, we will learn it, so your data immediately goes, where it is needed.




We parse, filter, and transform your data directly in the flow. That way the data is immediately usable, when reaching the target. 



We deliver the data to their place of usage, event the first row. That includes dashboards, and analytics platforms among others.




flexsingal as a service is entirely event driven. It only uses asynchronous operations to collect and deliver data.


Data is connected by the appropriate modules, using a flexible and freely configurable routing to reach their target.


Your data flows as you imagine it. Our flexible configuration options and the freedom in deployment options, fastly and securely deliver your data from A to B.


You may even use your old systems as part of the data exchange. We will even desing dedicated micro controllers, if your old system does not comply with modern communication standards.

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