The flexsignal platform

flexsignal is a platform, that empowers you to forward and send data any place you need it to be. Creating links, where they were not possible before. flexsignal is able to adhere any necessary protocol and can be adapted to any plug you will need to adapt. Basically, flexsignal is a Babel Fish* for applications, devices and machines.

Therefore the application for flexsignal is - simply speaking - anywhere the plugs do not fit or signals are interpreted the wrong way. The main positive side effect of this is, that you are able to retrofit your existing inventory of devices and machines, making them ready for the future. Additionally it allows to plan vendor independent. flexsignal is designed to enable growth and grow with you. flexsignal is THE tool for Upcycling.

As the spin-off of a telecommunication business, we already support many communication protocols natively. Our platform allows data to flow anywhere and transforms it accordingly. Any missing protocols will be added as needed. We will even develop custom hardware for uncommon plugs, if need be.  Talk to us and disvocer the realm of possibilities. But first, let us address the hardware flexsignal runs on:


Our hybrid IoT-Connectivity Plattform is suited for the use in any deployment scenario. It may be used in a public cloud entirely or integrates into your existing IT infrastructure on premise.

Together with our customers and partners we develop vendor independent, future-proof and hence sustainable solutions based on our platform.

That way established, analogue systems can be integrated into smart, modern, digital concepts. It allows for e.g. the use of an analog radio systems from a touchscreen terminal, combining analog and digital systems, and connect all to a smart eco system of yours.

The flexsignal allows for a wide variety of applications. We are in no way bound to classical telecommunication solutions, but empower vendor and system independent communication of any sort between machines and people. Be it radio units of various vendors, collaboration platforms, pagers, databases, machine to machine or service to service communication, etc. etc.. flexsignals enables the data flow and does all the necessary transformation. Even recording and archiving the communication can be done with flexsignal, if you need it to.

* In Douglas Adams' "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" a Babel Fish is a fictional creature, that is able to translate between any language in the universe. It even coined the name for Yahoo's translation service.

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