Sometimes the only obstacle of progress is a missing application on the device in use. Other times new possibilities arise - e.g. through our connectivity platform - that the suitable application is not yet invented for. In any case, we will start the development of an application, that actually eases and improves your work, together with you. 

Be it desktop or mobile end-user application or a back end solution, running in background. Whether these solutions require big data capability, machine learning, or developing appropriate heurisitcs: We will do that for you!

If you need to go fast, you may browse our existing solutions, or, if you need inspiration, we already wrote down some ideas for flexsignal applications.


We will help you with developing project ideas and advise with all our know-how. If you need a partner to question you decisions sympathetically, and point out problems early on in the process and helps coping those problems, we will be that partner for you! In consulting this is known as a sparring partnership. As software developers we know this as rubber-duck debugging*.

*In rubber duck debugging, you place a rubber duck on your desk, that you explain your code to. Usually this process helps identifying the problem.

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