Emergency One

our Inhouse Emergency Alert System

Keeping existing Hardware

The Emergency One is the first emergency alert system of its kind. It allows exchanging the INZ 450, whereby the old hardware can still be used and only the central server needs to be exchanged.

Additionally, Emergency One enables support for nearly every interface and gives you the freedom to customize it to fir your processes.

Ease of Use

The known Inhose Emergency Alert Systems are outdated and altering the embedded data is complicated. The Emergency One enables you to alter and process data much more easily. Futher, its modular structure allows it to be reconfigured at any time. Henec, an integration of modern collaborative solutions is no longe  a problem.

Monitoring & Alarming

All integrated system are monitored by a watchdog process, so that your staff will be alerted about any malfunction.

All emergency alerts can be forwarded to any receiver regardless of technology - be it radio, mobile, web-based or collaborative solutions.

Alarm Confirmation

All messages will be logged completely, to allow for customized data forwarding.

Additionally, the reception confirmation will be transmitted with an Acknowledgement function. This enables to take the appropriate measures, should a response fail to appear.

Our software solution improves your productivity, efficiency and safety!

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