Big Data

Digitisation in industrial manufacturing is in full swing. One of the key technologies behind this development are big-data solutions that optimise existing production processes today and will allow full automation in line with Vision Industry 4.0 tomorrow. 


The use of various sensors and other devices involved in production in combination with each other allows a multitude of new applications: Water, energy and other resources can be saved; logistics, planning and production control can be made faster and easier, and faulty production can be avoided. The list can be extended as required, as the Industry 4.0 platform with over 200 application examples shows.



The intelligent processing of large amounts of data in real time plays a central role in this. From detailed analysis (Descriptive Analytics), often in combination with a precise diagnosis (Diagnostic Analytics), to looking into the future (Predictive Analytics), to instructions for action (Prescriptive Analytics), all four classic big-data approaches are used. 


Unleash the full potential of your company by collecting and analysing all machine and production data and preparing them for optimisation. For this purpose, the flexsignal platform with its individual hardware development and edge devices offers you the optimal solution for your company. 

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