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IoT-Kommunikation. Wir sprechen Technik und sind der Dolmetscher für Ihre System.

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We bring analog and digital worlds together with a lot of know-how from medium-sized companies. Our platform enables all deployment and configuration options.

We put your data and information where you need it. Our platform squeezes onto the smallest hardware or expands in the largest cloud.


We integrate all systems. If a protocol is not available or a microcontroller is necessary, we will do it for you. Together we empower your communication potential.


flexsignal is a platform, that empowers you to forward and send data any place you need it to be. Creating links, where they were not possible before. flexsignal is able to adhere any necessary protocol and can be adapted to any plug you will need to adapt. Basically, flexsignal is a Babel Fish* for applications, devices and machines.

Therefore the application for flexsignal is - simply speaking - anywhere the plugs do not fit or signals are interpreted the wrong way. The main positive side effect of this is, that you are able to retrofit your existing inventory of devices and machines, making them ready for the future. Additionally it allows to plan vendor independent. flexsignal is designed to enable growth and grow with you. flexsignal is THE tool for Upcycling.



If your project needs to be done fast, you might find the answer you need in our existing solutions.
The Emergency One is the first Inhouse Emergency Alert System, where the old devices could still be used and only the central server needed to be exchanged.
Already installed systems can be made future ready that way.
Do not waste effort, time, and space on a number of different hardware from various vendors any longer. Wipe your desk clean with our Dispatcher Solution.
This solution provides all your communication needs in a single device. Be it SIP phone, radio, door control, or a public address system. The best part: this solution is vendor independent!
You may use our Push-to-Talk solution connecting your smartphone, any vendor radio unit, your own hardware, up to even web based clients. Unleash this communication feature on your business, giving you the freedom to design communication pathways at your will.


Here are some ideas on uses for flexsignal to give you some inspiration. Feel free to tell us yours!



re/switch GmbH is an IT start-up based in Hamburg developing IoT connectivity solutions. Our products and services support businesses in maintaining and developing sustainable infrastructure for machines and people. Together with our customers and partners we develop vendor independent, future-proof and hence sustainable solutions based on our platform.


Our team lives and loves technology and innovation. With a disposition for perfectionism and passion we will work feverishly with you on your endeavor.

We hold people and communication dearly as an important part of our business DNA.


With our experience in strategy, IT architecture and design, and electrical and general engineering we develop a suitable plan for your custom solution. Only quality will be delivered off the shelf.

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Enthusiasm for details and a large degree of process automization help us in meeting your expectations of quality and reliability. Driven by permanent self-optimization we let the processes do their thing and find the time for you.

Our solutions and services are no off-the-shelf-product in that they are designed to adapt to your needs.

That way we are also able to meet your contractual obligations and financial limits.

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People are the most important part, when it comes to business. Talk to us about your plans and together we will realize the future of your business, so that your company will stay home to your employees. Simply write us a mail or give us a call.

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